Dr. Todd Sembaluk, D.C

Doctor of Chiropractic

Phoenix Chiropractor

Dr. Todd Sembaluk is a licensed chiropractor serving the Maryvale community since 1999. Dr. Sembaluk constantly strives to improve and update his knowledge in the field of chiropractic and has completed extensive study throughout his career as a chiropractor.

Between his love of chiropractic and his love of serving humanity, Dr. Sembaluk has been sought after by many patients from around the state for the treatment that they receive. Active in promoting chiropractic, Dr. Sembaluk has studied extensively in the field of personal injury and has treated many cases in his career. He explains “personal injury has been a source of satisfaction to me”. However, Dr. Sembaluk will gladly share with everyone that the true joy of his practice is his large base of families that come in for wellness care.

Dr. Sembaluk enjoys traveling, exercise, hiking and watching his wonderful family experience life.

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