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I had a car accident three years ago and I was suffering from chronic back pain for years. A couple of my discs were dislocated and everyday activities had become very difficult and painful. I had searched many clinics and doctors and surgeons in around Phoenix and Glendale, AZ. The treatments they were offering my was whether too risky or expensive until I found Dr. Jesse Fox. 6 months ago I had my last day of treatment and I felt completely rejuvenated . I have no pain whatsoever, and my energy has increased dramatically as my body is not trying to fight the pain and heal the injury anymore. I'm a much healthier person!

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Completely rejuvenated after car accident!

When I first came to Dr. Todd I couldn't walk because my knee was so swollen. This was causing problems with my hips. I couldn't sleep and any position was uncomfortable, I never had a resting time.

Right after the second week I knew I was in the right place because since then I was able to walk and work without difficulty. Later my primary doctor told me I had Carpal Tunnel in my wrists and my only option for my pain was surgery. I told Dr. Todd and he helped me get rid of that surgery that was making me so nervous.

Thanks to Dr. Todd's treatment, No Carpal Tunnel surgery was needed! Thank you Dr. Todd.

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I was involved in a severe car accident...!

I started coming in for treatments with Dr. Todd because I hurt myself at work. I had severe upper and lower back pain. I wasn’t able to work my regular hours without pain. Now I'm able to work my full-time job, I sleep a lot better, and my energy has really increased! Thank you Dr. Todd!

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I had severe upper and lower back pain...!

After my car accident, I came to Dr. Todd with a lot of neck pain. In three short months I am completely pain free. In addition the sciatic pain I suffered for ten years is gone. My chronic weekly migraines are less frequent and less severe as Dr. Todd has accomplished in three months what my former chiropractor worked on unsuccessfully in four years.

Chiropractor Phoenix AZ

I suffered sciatica pain for ten long years...!

I started treatment with Dr. Todd because I was in a car accident. I was in a lot of pain. My neck hurt and I had really bad headaches. When I first started my treatment I wasn't able to move, bend or work. Now I'm moving normally and I have been able to sleep better with less tossing and turning.

My energy has also increased quite a bit ever since I started getting adjusted. Chiropractic treatments have also helped me understand more about how the body works and what happens to it when injuries occur.

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Car Accident Rehabilitation

I came to Dr. Todd's office after a truck T-Boned my Jeep. I had neck and back injuries. Dr. Todd had me up and back to work in no time. Then I got rear ended by another truck. My injuries were more intense. After about 17 sessions 1 still had pain in my back. I was getting discouraged.

The doctor explained that my injuries would take time and a few more weeks of adjustments to heal. He was right! I feel great now and I don't wake up with pain anymore. Thanks Dr. Todd and staff you'll always be on my referral list.

Chiropractor Phoenix AZ

You'll always be on my referral list.

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